Join or renew your membership

The club is part of BSAC and the national club charges a membership fee that covers national services, benefits and third-party dive insurance.

Teesside 43 Branch charges an annual subscription (currently £135) that covers the costs of maintaining the clubhouse, training equipment, 2 well equipped boats, subsidized air fills, compressor maintenance, free weekly pool use and training. Your instruction is carried out by fully qualified volunteer club trainers. You only pay for your training materials and incidental expenses, such as any travel involved.

The Clubhouse is perfectly located to allow diving at the mouth of the Tees and the surrounding marine environment. We have a large number of wrecks and local reefs (scars) nearby.

Once your qualified, a local dive off the South Gare can cost as little as £2 for your breathing air. Nitrox fills can be purchased too for £4 a fill up to 36% O2 once qualified to use. The nearest wreck is only a £6 boat ride away.

Just click the button below and follow the link to join via club ( blue button ) and type in Teesside in the search club box.