Scuba diving is a diverse and exciting sport, offering endless opportunities. Your scuba adventure awaits and BSAC training will take you there. 

New to diving? Discover all you need to know about scuba diving, or if you’re already a scuba diver and want to progress your training then ‘crossover to BSAC‘. 

Trying scuba diving

With our friendly and safe training environment we aim to make your first scuba dive the best experience and most fun it can be.

Already a scuba diver ?​

If you’ve done scuba diving aboard or with another club and want to get out diving more, then we’re the club for you.  We arrange diving trips both here in the UK and abroad. We regularly have excursions to Scotland, Malta, Egypt and many, many more places.

Come get wet

Come join us at the Billingham Forum on a Monday evening. We have private pool sessions each week, so we can train divers, build fitness, test kit and practice our skills. You might even want to go to the pub afterwards.

Progress and get out Diving!

Come join us every Monday 8:30pm -9:30pm
@ Billingham Forum

We meet every Monday at the Billingham Forum 8:30pm – 9:30pm. If you wish to come for a try dive (only £15) please get in contact with us beforehand so we can organise all the kit you’ll need.